Wax – paint protection

Thanks to the wax, your car will be much more resistant to contamination. Moreover, the paint will get a new glamorous look and colour will become more intense.

Wax is one of the most popular ways of paint protection. Well-selected wax creates a protective layer, strengthens colour and makes a paint shine. What is more, the wax is hydrophobic - it repels water so contamination cannot gather on a car body. Wax also protects the vehicle from UV rays, acidic rain or road salt. However, the key to the best results is the ability to select specific cosmetics and thoughtfully prepare a car before paint wax.

Detailing car wax includes the following steps:

Paint degreasing

Selecting the right cosmetics for a specific kind of paint

Mechanical application of undercoat (cleaner)

Manual application of Wax Premium

Final paint inspection 8 hours after wax application

Wax effects last from 3 to 4 months.

*For the best results - before car wax, we suggest doing paint correction or detailing car wash with thorough paint decontamination.

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