Transparent protective films for paint preservation

If you are looking for the most efficient paint preservation, transparent films will meet your expectations. This is a technologically advanced solution which guarantees full protection of paint and other sensitive elements (such as front reflectors). Put transparent films on factory-applied paint to secure it completely. Protective films will save your car from:


results of stones or gravel hits,

chemical products,

weather conditions.

Complete protection from damage

Protective films work as a protective barrier which keeps paint in a flawless condition even during intensive vehicle exploration. It secures external car parts from scratches and protects the colour of the vehicle’s surface.

Protective films are modern products which create a thick, invisible layer on the whole surface of your car. It protects a vehicle from microdamage and helps with conservation thanks to its fantastic hydrophobic effect. Another important benefit of ceramic coating is its resistance to strong chemical products and acids - which may irreversibly damage car paint.

Car protection against external factors

Strong chemicals used for cleaning or conservation, car brushes, and other cleaning accessories may damage upper layers of paint and affect its shine.


A huge advantage of modern transparent films is their ability to self-regeneration. Small scratches will recover under the influence of sunlight or after washing the car with warm water. As a consequence, the original paint will be under strong protection practically all the time.

Transparent protective films may be applied among others on:

The front part of the car – which is called bikini - the front part of the hood with lamps, front bumper, mirrors and the front part of the fender. These elements are in particular risk of damage. Protective films applied on the front part of the car protects the vehicle from chafing. What is more, they preserve deep glamourous look of a paint. If you choose this package, you should know that edges of transparent films will be visible.

The front car – the whole hood, bumper, mirrors and fenders protection. It is a solution which let you completely protect the most important parts of the car from chafing, small scratches, and other damage. Protective films applied on the whole front part of the car make it look totally fabulous because their edges on hood and fenders are invisible.

The whole car – Would you like to preserve the whole car with transparent films? Do that to get a guarantee that your vehicle is maximally protected from negative external factors. Moreover, the paint will look flawless for a long time. Protective films will be applied on the front bumper, reflectors, hood, fenders, mirrors, side pillars, side thresholds, the whole door, back flap, roof, and other parts.

We do our best to meet the expectations of our Clients. For individual requests, Wellness Car offers single elements protection:

Hood, front bumper, fenders, internal thresholds, baggage threshold of the back bumper, door handles (insides), mirrors, reflectors.

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