Price list

Service Price
Auto detailing packages
Auto detailing car wash From 70 PLN
Auto detailing car wash + interior cleaning + QD of paint From 140 PLN
Primary Package From 300 PLN
Luxury Package From 1800 PLN
Interior Package From 400 PLN
New Auto Package From 2000 PLN
Individual Package Individual pricing
Transparent protective films for paint preservation Premium Shield
Headlights 300 - 350 PLN
Internal thresholds 300 - 400 PLN
Door knobs 250 PLN
Mirrors 300 - 350 PLN
Baggage threshold 250 PLN
Posts A 200 PLN
A fragment of the roof From 250 PLN
Mask From 1400 PLN
Front bumper From 1400 PLN
Fenders 1 item From 500 PLN
Ceramic protection services
Coating - Ceramic Pro Light From 1100 PLN
Coating - Ceramic Pro Strong 9H - (4 layers 9H + 1 layer CP Light) From 2490 PLN
Coating – Zymol Wax From 150 PLN
Rims - Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper (spray-applied layer) 500 PLN
Rims - Wax (Zymol Wax rims protection) From 100 PLN
Leather protection - Ceramic Pro Leather (spray-applied layer) From 300 PLN
Textiles protection - Ceramic Pro Textile From 250PLN
Plastic elements protection - Ceramic Pro Plastic From 250PLN
Light rims protection - Ceramic Pro Light Layer 250 PLN
Ceramic glass hydrophobization - Ceramic Pro Rain From 150 PLN
Renovation services
Polishing / paint refreshment in 2 stages From 500 PLN
Polishing / paint refreshment in 4 stages (MAX correction) From 800 PLN
Front reflectors renovation and protection From 200 PLN
Other auto detailing services
Upholstery complete cleaning From 200 PLN
Leather cleaning and impregnation - Gliptone From 200 PLN
Paint decontamination (deep contamination from a car body removal) From 80 PLN
Odor neutralization (with ozone) 100 PLN
Roof cleaning - Cabrio From 120 PLN

All prices quoted net.

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