Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

Ceramic coatings efficiently protect many different elements outside the car: paint, firms, glass, leather, and plastics. Thanks to the ceramic coating application, your car will shine more spectacular than ever before and its colour will become more intense.

Protective coating 9H makes car paint 50% more durable. Moreover, it protects the vehicle from contamination because of its hydrophobic effect - you will not need to visit car wash as often as before. Ceramic coating equals even 4 years of safe driving in a glamorous car.

We are the official authorized partner of quality producer Ceramic Pro and we use only its products. Our team will select the best coating based on your expectations and the surface of your car. Find out more about all kinds of car protection!

Auto detailing – upholstery protection

When you take a brief look at the car, at first you notice paint. Thanks to Ceramic Coating Nanoshine Ceramic Pro, your vehicle will look like a brand new auto for a long time.

Ceramic Coating Ceramic Pro Strong 9H

It is the best quality, extremely hard protective coating. Thanks to it, the car will be much more resistant to scratches, detergents and weather conditions. Ceramic Coating Pro Strong 9H protects the vehicle from contamination because of its hydrophobic effect. Coating guarantees perfect look of paint and durability up to 4 years.

Ceramic Coating Ceramic Pro Light

Modern ceramic coating by Nanoshine Ceramic Pro. It guarantees full protection from contamination thanks to its hydrophobic effect. Moreover, the coating makes the paint shine brighter and its colour look deeper. Results of using Ceramic Pro Light lasts from 1 up to 2 years.

Auto detailing – glass protection

Clear, transparent glass is necessary for both safe and comfortable driving. The ceramic coating protects the surface of the glass and guarantees better visibility in diverse weather condition.

Ceramic Coating Ceramic Pro Rain

This ceramic coating was created to keep car glass in the best possible condition. Ceramic Pro Rain seals the glass, repels water and protects glass surface from contamination. The product also guarantees better visibility in diverse weather condition during different periods of the year.

Auto detailing – upholstery protection

There is a risk that upholstery will get wet or dirty and this is often difficult to clean it up. Use Ceramic Coatings Ceramic Pro to be sure that upholstery washing and cleaning will not be a challenge anymore.

Ceramic Coating Ceramic Pro Leather

It is innovative leather protection which creates nanoparticle ceramic coating on the upholstery. Ceramic Pro Leather makes it easy to clean leather upholstery and protects it from contamination as well as water. The effect lasts from 6 to 12 months.

Ceramic Coating Ceramic Pro Textile

Ceramic Pro Textile is a ceramic coating which was created to protect textile upholstery. This coating strengthens resistance to contamination, impregnates against water absorption and gives upholstery a fresh look.

Plastic elements protection

Ceramic coatings will take care of every plastic detail in your vehicle. Covering all of them with the coating means strong protection and makes your car looks like a brand new vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Ceramic Pro Plastic

Protective coating secures surfaces made of rubber and plastics. It protects them from contamination and colour fading caused by UV rays. The coating may be used on internal as well as external plastics. Ceramic plastic preservation is also valuable protection from diverse weather conditions and aggressive chemicals. Thanks to the coating application, the surface becomes easier to clean and gains fresh, intense colour as well as mat satin look.

Rims protection

The ceramic coating protects rims from contamination and makes them immune to aggressive detergents. We use three products for rims preservation:

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