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At first, you spend days searching for the best car equipment configuration. Then you have to patiently wait before you can pick up the dreamed-of car. Finally, the purchase of this new vehicle is completed and you drive it right from the salon.

Unfortunately, the car often loses its original shine just after a few weeks. Cleaning it in contactless car wash does not help to maintain its fresh look. Moreover, factory-applied paint is not protected with special layers which would secure it from damage.

You need to protect the original look of your brand new car in order to enjoy an astonishing shine of factory-applied paint for a long period of time.

Wellness Car offers New Car Package for vehicles which have been just picked up from a salon or are still there. Thanks to this package, your brand new or soon-to-be car will keep its fresh fabulous look for a long period of time.

New Car Package includes:

Ceramic coating paint protection with Ceramic Pro Strong 9H or Ceramic Pro Light

Transparent films protection

Leather and textile upholstery protection

Vinyl elements protection

Glass protection

Rims protection

Chrome elements protection.

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