About us

From a dream of one boy to the perfect reality

Who deserves luxury more than your car?

I had a big dream since I was a child – I wanted to set up my own auto detailing studio. However, I decided I would not open it until I am able to provide the best quality of service, even for the most demanding customers.

I have been visiting the largest detailing studios all over the world. Moreover, I took a lot of advanced courses. All of these gave me a precious opportunity to learn from the best automotive specialists and work on many incredible cars.

What makes us special?

Professionalism from beginning to end

Before our team begins the work, we talk together about your needs. We want to know what your expectations are and suggest the most efficient solutions.

Modern technologies

Wellness Car offers protection of your car with self-adhesive transparent films by Premium Shield brand. We also use high-quality ceramic coatings by famous brand Nanoshine Ceramic Pro - our authorized partner.

Quality over quantity

We focus on long-term cooperation with individual clients. Wellness Car does not offer its services to car showrooms.

Everything you need

Wellness Car offers single services as well as comprehensive packages. Our company hires only experienced specialists who are also real automotive enthusiasts. Every project is supervised personally by the CEO of Wellness Car.

Wellness Car is born

2012 was the year when my deepest dream came true. I founded Wellness Car – at first, it was a small car studio in Targówek, a district in Warsaw. Soon after that, other car enthusiasts joined me and we became the team which has enabled the company to develop.

Our inspiration has been Japan philosophy created by Takumi - masters of their craft. Following their example, we decided to always take care of every detail and keep improving ourselves to become perfect. We are confident - and so are Takumi Masters - that reaching perfection is actually possible.

We did not have to wait long to see satisfying results of our effort. In 2016 our team used innovative technologies in order to build the modern detailing studio in place of the old garage. More and more car owners started visiting Wellness Car and turning into loyal clients.

Into the future

Today Wellness Car is a unique team of people who feel genuine joy while working on every car.

You can discover our transformations of vehicles in the gallery. Visit us personally in Warsaw and see yourself how we can improve your own car.

Meet our team

Arkadiusz - Wellness Car


CEO of Wellness Car

As the owner of Wellness Car, I have made it my mission to supervise every project realized in my company. I specialize in paint renovation, car protection, interior detailing and precise cosmetology of every detail in the vehicle. Moreover, I am the person who takes photographs which reveal how we work and what our results are. Wellness Car makes it possible for me to combine passion with work. This company is a place where my dream from childhood is being realized every day.

Jakub - Wellness Car


Manager of Wellness Car

Outstanding specialist in detailing, he is completely flawless when it comes to protective transparent films application. In spite of his young age, Kuba has already a significant experience – he used to work at the best car salons in Poland for years. What is more, some time ago he managed his own detailing company. Jakub started as Junior Detailer in Wellness Car. He was promoted to Manager after a few years of impeccable work. Today we work together on the most complicated detailing projects.

How do we work on your vehicle in Wellness Car?

Watch the special video below to find out.

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